Portrait of Venus (Sepia)


Enigmatic, invitation to travel
Sepia, reference to old engravings.


Frame favors an original perspective like an invitation to discovery.
Ideal at the end of a corridor, or a landing.
The representation of the 16th century Titian’s Urbin venus, reigning over the charm of an ancient map is a nod to the beauty of Italian classicism. This very original panel, drawn in blue ink, is an invitation to travel. Venus transformed into a mermaid with a delicate garter belt, with a design as intricate as lace, brings a poetic cachet to the room. Subtle drape blends with the seas.

Additional information
Weight N/A
Paper selection

160 g without glue, 175 g pre-glued


H. 119,68" x 86,22" (3 sheets each 28,74" wide), H. 124 "x 98" (3 sheets each 32,67" wide), H. 79,52" x 57,48" (2 sheets each 28,74" wide), H. 90,55 "x 65,35" (2 sheets each 32,67" wide)

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