Vénus mundi


Your chosen piece includes a 20W/12V,2A Transformer that can be plugged into a home socket: 1m long cable( 39,37’)

Each box is sold with its own transformer to connect to the mains, the light boxes do not heat up and do not consume a lot of electricity.

OPTIONAL:  You may add to your shopping basket 1x 2m extension cable for just 10€

One LED tape is glued and welded onto the bottom of the box eggshell tone.

The beech wood frame has a 7cm profile giving it ample stability and each strip of wood is 2cm wide x 7cm high ( 0,78’x 2,75’).

Additional information
Weight 4.2 kg

15" x 22,8"x 2,7"

Shipped with 2A transformer


2m extension cable (10€)

No, Yes