Technical training in Etching

Professional training organisation in intaglio engraving.

đŸ‘ïžL’ Atelier de Charlotte Massip is a professional training organisation registered under the n° 76320074532 – Siret n°: 431 447 879 00062. – Datadocked idDD 0088045-

Upcoming sessions of 4 intense, creative and experimental days of 32H:

*Tuesday 28 June to 1 July

*Tuesday 6 to 9 September

*Wednesday 5 to 8 October

*Tuesday 18 to 21 October

Training of artists/authors/teachers/graphic designers/architects … in the techniques of ETCHING. Artists can follow my training program, allowing them to start without any knowledge of engraving and to finish their training with a solid expertise.

From June 2022 in the Paris region, I offer training courses over 4 days to experiment with the many processes (etching, aquatint, soft varnish, chine-collĂ©…). According to your personal and/or professional orientation, I teach you the appropriate techniques and accompany you during the realization of several engravings until the complete completion, including printing. Everyone leaves with their own prints.

The training is paid for by the following organisations, among others (100%) for artist-authors who have their rights open to PROFESSIONAL training

For auto-entrepreneurs who pay contributions to the Chamber of Trade.

Each course lasts a minimum of 32 hours over 4 full days.The number of places is limited to 3, allowing me to be fully available to transmit my passion for engraving.

Don’t hesitate to contact me so that I can help you to put together your file to benefit from these subsidies.


New workshop A FEW KILOMETERS FROM PARIS, access by metro line 13, RER B direction Robinson, free parking. Possibility to be accommodated on site, large workshop – garden… contact me.